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Getting the Results That You Deserve

Finding a company that can transform your dreams into the luxury home that you are looking for is no easy task. With hundreds of home builders throughout Connecticut and New York that claim to have the ability to provide you with the results that you want can only prove to make this search more frustrating. However, many of these home builders lack the skill and experience to build luxury style homes that you are looking for. Feel free to download one of our sample home plans.

Mark Pucci & Co, LLC has highly trained and experienced home builders that have a proven track record for their luxury home design and construction abilities. You will find that they can perform magic within your existing home to turn it into a work of art as easily as they can design and construct a new luxury model home for you. We make it a common practice to include the homeowner in each step of the design and building process, which only makes sense as they are the one that will be living in the home.

When creating a luxury home, one of the most important things to remember is that there is nothing as a common request or most popular feature. Luxury homes should always be built around the person or family that will be residing in it. As the single largest investment that a person will make in their lifetime, the home should be designed and constructed in a manner in which it creates an atmosphere to match the owner. It should also have the ability to meet the owner’s needs for many years to come with little remodeling necessary. When these objectives are met, then you know you have a luxury home that you will fall in love with.

A Strong Reputation Speaks for Itself

With so many home builders out there you may be asking yourself why you should consider allowing our company to build the luxury home of your dreams or perform remodeling and addition projects on your existing home. The answer is quite simple. Each contractor that works for this company has spent a large amount of time proving that they have what it takes to please the customer. From creative ideas for designs to top quality customer care skills, our staff of professionals will always go the extra mile to insure that the customer not only likes, but loves what we create for them. Our reputation is not built on expensive advertising or swaying mottos. Instead, our reputation is built on the word of mouth of our satisfied clients that have seen the results first hand.

We are always happy to allow potential clients the ability to view completed projects that have been designed a built by our company. This only gives further evidence that we are the right company to handle both small and large scale projects. The best part is the amenities that you will find available within the homes that we do dedicate our talents to creating for you, as well as the many years of memories that lay ahead for you and your family in your new luxury built home.